Things to think about

I received a text from Aminta at Triumph about ME positions in Macomb, MI. I looked at the job at thier site and the work looks good. Problems are:

  1. I need to give three months’ notice at the apartment complex before I leave.
  2. It is in Macomb, MI 40mi north of Detroit meaning it is COLD!
  3. I don’t know much about the area, but I didn’t know much about this area before I got here.
  4. This goes along with number three, but it must be mentioned, I will need transportation to and from work and if there are no cabs then it will be a bust.

I hope this works out in every way. I will help so much. In every way I mean, location, start date and transportation. Weather, well there isn’t much I can do about that.

Start praying and wish me luck.

Angie is at it again

I have a text this morning that says she is sorry, but she needs 500.00 ASAP, something suddenly came up and don’t ask what. Well, I don’t have 500.00 extra hanging around and would not give it with no questions asked if I did. That is the kind of money I will need soon just to live. I’m quite certain she will just give the money to Andy anyway and that is not going to happen.

I forgot yesterday

I spent most of the morning trying to finish the unemployment process. I takes some time and I’m still not sure if I finished it all. I was to register and then go into my profile and finish that up. I did everything necessary, but I will go back in today and make sure I have everything updated and starts some job searches. I have to do that twice a week and renew the application every week. I will also check the actual requirements, so I don’t mess up. I have never done this before.

Two weeks

It has been two weeks since I was laid off and now, as soon and the election is over it will be time to start looking for jobs again.

I think I paid my rent yesterday but can’t really remember but I’m sure I did. I entered an amount in my spreadsheet.