Training in Red Oak, TX

I was told to travel to Red Oak, TX on Friday the 21st and was not too happy about it. I’m not comfortable traveling currently with the COVID-19 still traveling from person to person but my travel authorization was never granted so I spend the time in virtual meetings with the group.

We are starting a new program for The Boeing Company and in many ways the Red Oak facility is far behind schedule for starting. Jig load is in 30 days and they still have a way to go before they start. Getting all the documentation up to date and able to pass an audit is the first steps and that is what we are being asked to complete now. Not knowing their procedures in Red Oak makes it a bit complicated for me but as always, I will do my best. We will be having bi-weekly meetings to check on progress. I pray this opportunity will allow me to stay employed with this company. Cross your fingers everyone.

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