Training in Red Oak, TX

I was told to travel to Red Oak, TX on Friday the 21st and was not too happy about it. I’m not comfortable traveling currently with the COVID-19 still traveling from person to person but my travel authorization was never granted so I spend the time in virtual meetings with the group.

We are starting a new program for The Boeing Company and in many ways the Red Oak facility is far behind schedule for starting. Jig load is in 30 days and they still have a way to go before they start. Getting all the documentation up to date and able to pass an audit is the first steps and that is what we are being asked to complete now. Not knowing their procedures in Red Oak makes it a bit complicated for me but as always, I will do my best. We will be having bi-weekly meetings to check on progress. I pray this opportunity will allow me to stay employed with this company. Cross your fingers everyone.


It happened; I finally got a WARN notice. Yes, last Thursday I was given a WARN notice (60-day notice of layoff). Then, the next day I was told I was traveling to Red Oak, TX for a workshop and have promptly became sick. Sick to my stomach all Saturday and Sunday, worse today. I won’t be traveling. I will be quarantining myself for the next two weeks whether I get better or not.

Yesterday was my birthDay

Yes, yesterday was my birthday and that is why I did not post. I was being lazy.

An update, the company is going to decide on what to do with me, by next Monday. The reason you may ask, well I was not on the list of 27 people to transfer to Gulfstream, others were given a WARN notice but not me so I have no idea what is going to happen but I will post next Monday afternoon and let you know what the decision was.

vpn Security seems to be working

The security I implemented last week seems to be working however, some websites do not like VPN. is one of them. I logged in one time and was sent code via text and then asked three security questions before I was logged in to work. I then created a ‘virtual card’ on the site and used that card to make an order and pay some bills before the new card came. I logged back in right after ordering with the virtual card and as soon as I tried to log in with VPN on again I was sent a new code via text and when I entered the number the website said my account was blocked and to call the number on the back of my card (good think I still had the old card). After a while on the phone with a few customer services people including an hour on hold I was told their website does not work when using VPN because they cannot verify your location. The solution would be to turn off the VPN and then log in which defeats the purpose of a VPN. I have been doing just that and then turning the VPN back on within a minute and hopefully nobody is trying to monitor my computer during those times.

Another issue is Outlook or more specifically Office 365 applications. When you log into your Microsoft Office 365 applications e.g. Outlook or OneDrive when Excel is accessing the cloud nothing happens. The solution again is to turn off the VPN let Outlook or Excel sign in and then turn the VPN on and you are in business.

Another application not working correctly with VPN is Unity3D. When you try and load a project the splash screen will freeze. Again, the solution is to turn off VPN and once the project loads turn VPN back on.

All these items having issues with NordVPN is a hassle, but the security is worth the hassle. Additionally, what makes this more frustrating is this is a known issue with ALL the sites and applications I have mentioned, and no effort has been made to rectify the situation.

All other financial sites I use seem to work with NordVPN simply fine if you enter the code you are sent.