Layoffs have started

Last Friday I started getting emails from people stating that is was their last day and saying their goodbyes. Tom Lackey, Scott Gleason were some and then there were others like Dan Supernault, Hector Robles and Rick Fox who did not say anything but were friends non the less. Next week starts another round with Rhonda and Travis Knight as two of them. Walt Nubel and Clay Pearce left the first week of this month. In our group there are only three people left, Me, Bill Frieze and Mike Koloff with Mike Koloff gone next week, I think. Jasmine’s last day will be the 27th or, next Monday. That leaves Me and Bill Frieze as the last ones standing, Me with G650 and Bill with G280 and I think Bill will be gone by the first of August.

When I started there were 26 or more people on the G650 program, and I think the same on the G280 program or 50+ people in Manufacturing Engineering. Three is shocking.

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