What a weekend

My Boss called me on Friday and told me I was laid off and later called back and let me know I would be getting the severance package.

The weekend was rough, not knowing what to do along with other issues I was sick to my stomach, throwing up every half hour or so.

Monday rolled around and after I finally got up about 8am my boss called and asked if I was going to be working? What the hell? I told her I thought I was laid off and she then said no, what are you talking about. I just shrugged my shoulders and said “I guess I miss understood” but I did not.

Still have a job. I did not post until now because I missed Monday and figured I’ll just miss the week and decided against it.

Job still here!!

What is going on in this country?

Protesting is fine and things get accomplished when it is done correctly. When your protests are aimed at the men and women who have chosen the professions in the military or in this case the police, an arm of the Justice department it will fail.

What seems to have happened it the people whos motto has always been “To serve and protect” have been given too much power over their own actions. Reminds me of Animal Farm.