Trouble getting back on track – Everyting to do with health

I’ll start with another record. I submitted my tax return on Monday the 27th, one day earlier than last year. If the last two years is any indication I should have received my return back on Friday the 31st of January. So, the records are 1) Earliest to Submit, 2) Earliest to receive, 3) First time to receive in January. These may change because I am creating this post on Tuesday before I get my return back. I am relying on past years experience for this.

Now on to the elephant in the room. I stopped working in Blender for a bit. Why you may ask. Well, I am very sick. I caught a nasty flu bug on the way home from Seattle and missed my first two days back to work, went to work on Monday, left early and am home again on Tuesday. I’m hoping to go back on Wednesday and then may be able to include something new on this post if I have a good weekend. I won’t hold my breath though… because I cant’…

Here is a render of the latest material from the Udemy course “Creating 3D environments in Blender”