Back from Vacation and Back to the Beginning

Yes, I am finally back from vacation and as I said before I will be going back to the beginning on this website. To its roots, Blender. Other topics started to pop up a few years ago and I got seriously distracted and off target.

I won’t be scaling back my interests, those will remain because some of them are part of my past. Chess will be a topic as will photography. My new interests cooking and Drones will also be present as well. All of these topics will be taking up their own spaces within this site they will not be taking up space on the main page.

Adding the new sections of the site will take a little bit of time, I’ll have to tweak WordPress to do this and I’m not all that familiar but it should not be too difficult.

In the mean time Blender posts will take front and center with food items coming up section which will also include photography (I’ll be taking pictures of the food) followed by drone news and Chess. After about a month the items other than Blender will be taking residence on their own spaces.

Enjoy the ride, I will be.