Back to the blender beginning

Now that I have begun to establish the new routine or more like, ‘The new normal’ it is time for me to get back to what this site was all about in the beginning, Blender. I’ll start relegating the additional posts about health etc. to other sections of the site but leave the main theme as Blender modeling.

It was a great weekend again.

I rode another 13 miles, keeping with my goal of increasing the mileage per ride each time out. This will stop of course but I’ll keep increasing until 20 – 25 miles per ride is reached.

My DJI Mavic Mini finally arrived on Friday. What a great little drone. I charged everything up and waited to take flight for the first time Saturday morning. It flew like a champ indoors, very steady. I kept it in cinematography mode indoors to keep the speeds down. I was quite impressed. My favorites are still the Mavic Pro series and the air (speed and flight modes)

I had a great time cooking again with Hello Fresh. Saturday I made Sirloin steak with mashed potatoes, the potatoes were not quite firm but firm enough but that was my fault. I have pics to post but the masking was not up to what I feel was good so I’ll post when I get a good mask done.

Sunday I made two items, Sesame Tacos that were FANTASTIC.  I kept that recipe to make again and again it was so good. The second was a roasted chicken with a crunch parmesan crust and spaghetti with a cream cheese and tomato (grape size) sauce. That also was very good. Pics are coming of those as well.

Speak of pics, I had my new lights and field monitor in use for these shots and I think they turned out pretty good. Next I need to learn to set the custom white balance and maybe set the camera angle a bit different, possibly try directly from the top.

Only three days of work this week and all of those are going to be a little slow. After that I have two weeks and one day until three weeks off for Christmas. I am starting to get into the Christmas mood and will be setting up some new decorations this year. I have not purchase yet but will during my Thanksgiving four day weekend and maybe hit some of those black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

Pics coming, I promise.

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