Bonus plus a bunch of new toys!

Finally the ‘End of Program’ has hit. What this means, I can finally talk about the papers I signed a year and a half ago. For sticking it out on the program I have been working on I was to receive a retention bonus of $54,000.00, $14,000.00 of which I received early and ended up giving it to Angie to pay off all of her stupid loans, the money she stole from her mother and the money she stole from her dads headstone fund. That being the entire reason I am no longer speaking with Angie or her kids. She took that money with the understanding she can no longer get any money but that never stopped her making me unable to save it back up.

Well, last week I received a paycheck in excess of $28,000.00. I spend $1,497.00 on a new electric bike from Then I purchased a new Mavic 2 Pro drone and payed off the Ronin-SC from my PayPal Credit. All three of those totaled over $4,000.00 and I still might purchase a DGT Bluetooth chessboard. I haven’t decided on that one yet. Now, the Ronin-SC should show up within two weeks or so, the bike should be shipped sometime early September and the drone, the last to be ordered will be the first to arrive on the eighth of August, just in time for my birthday (the bike is my real birthday present). I can hardly wait for all these for finally show up.

I’m left with $26,600.00 in savings and by the end of the month this should top out over $28,000.00. Nice to have a cushion there for if I get laid off within the next year or so.

Great times ahead!

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