Problems Rendering

Question for everyone that may wish to answer. What would be the problem with an asset you are apending to your scene that would cause the render to error out right after calculating the BVH. This is what is happening to my Lounge Room scene from The Architecture Academy. At the present time I have removed all the assets from the scene and I am added them back in one at a time. It looks like it might be the large potted plant in the corner but I can’t figure out why it keeps erring out because of that particular object. So, needless to say, I don’t have a render to post for posterity.

I also made a rather serious error at work today. I know, I know I don’t usually make serious errors but this is a large one. Not so large I can’t fix but it will take some time. I deleted all but ten parts from and mBOM, not using an ECM to track the changes which means I can’t go back in time and fix it. I fortunately have a excel copy of the mBOM I can copy and paste to recreate it but I will need to copy individually the Object Dependency data. Oops, chock that one up to live and learn.