5 in 43

The title says it all. 5 is the number of hours sleep I have had in the last 43 hours and I am tired. Time to take a break today as I can’t look at the computer screen for any length of time right now. See ya tomorrow.

I got the practice today

I left my USB at work again, dang it. Instead of kicking it tonight I figured I’ll just do what I did this morning over again and maybe do it better. Well, it worked I think this effort turned out better than this morning. I will blame work on this one though. I was actually working my butt off right up until I walked out the door 5 minutes late. On second thought, I can’t blame work because I was the one who said I would put my USB in my pocket when I am finished working in Blender in the morning. Anyway I am ready for the detailing, one thing I am completely unfamiliar with.

Hat_Jacket_Without-SSWithout Subsurface

Hat_Jacket_With-SSWith Subsurface


Jacket complete – almost

Complete ‘almost’ because I forgot the cuffs but other than that it is ready for the detailing. Here are a couple shots, one with a sub-surf and smooth shading and the other with out the modifier. Yes I was playing around before bed.


Without Subsurf


With Sub-surf and Smooth Shading

Looks like these pictures came out on the small side when rendered at 50%. I’ll start boosting the render percent so I can get a reasonable size so the detail can be seen more clearly.

Get over it

Ever worked with an individual that reminded you of Eeyore from Winnie the Poo? Everything is doom and gloom, nothing will ever go correctly. A friend of mind, we will call him Jeff is just such a person and he is starting to get on my nerves. Yes Jeff I know the schedule has been accelerated. Yes Jeff I know we only have three days once our programs go live before we start testing the next three legacy programs, get over it, deal with it and move on.

Enough of my complaining. Back to Blender creating my little Pilot.

P.S.  *** S U M M E R   T I M E ***


Organize and continue forward

Not a lot of time to do anything yesterday morning but by the end of the day I did in fact remember to bring my USB home. Spent the evening organizing my files, videos etc. and finishing separating all the pieces of clothing for the pilot. Now that all those things I should have finished at the very beginning are complete I can start the modeling portion again. I’m pretty sure I was getting ahead of myself and really starting to get frustrated. Slow down Mike, organize your thoughts and then continue forward. Exactly the same thing I do at work and then don’t practice in my personal endeavors, lesson learned.


Started working on and separating the clothing for the Pilot character. When I went back and looked at my base mesh for this character it looks perfectly acceptable for sculpting on without starting over using the skin modifier. Before I continue with the head and face I will finish separating off the clothing from the character. I had already finished separating everything except the shirt/sweater beneath the jacket. I had completely missed that little 🙂 detail. Once this process is complete I will save and place my USB into my pocket so I do not forget it at work again. This is a necessary step since our testing along with the bill of material changes I keep getting from the guy upstairs is making the day very busy and I forget the USB is still plugged in. I wish work would not have turned off our access to Dropbox!

At one point this afternoon I had eight items in work at the same time. For those of you technical people out there like me, I know that ‘multitasking’ is 100% impossible and people as well as computers can only ‘time slice’ their projects making it look like things are being done at the same time, computers being much faster than humans. Anyway, when I was finished I had to take a break, head outside and mentally checking everything off to satisfy myself everything was complete.

P.S. looks like everything may go OK with my little issue at work Monday.

Oops I got in trouble yesterday

Yes, I landed myself into some trouble yesterday. It all started on Friday when a meeting notice came out for Wednesday of next week and it was from an individual that made me a little angry last week. Well, I wanted nothing to do with her and the meeting as I was and still am under the impression that it will serve no purpose. I, in my infinite wisdom declined the meeting with the statement “I see no use in this c..p” and she didn’t like it, reported to my boss, her boss and HR. Oh darn I guess I better watch what I say truth or not.

On another (Blender) note I need to change the head I am using with dynamic topology. The holes created in the mesh for the eyes and neck are causing problems and I need to close those off before I can add the eyes and finish the sculpting. I left my USB at work last night so I will get on this right now and report the results this evening or in the morning.

MacBook Air

I was trying to work on my MacBook Air last Friday, I have used Blender many times while traveling using this computer but this time it failed me miserably. Regular modeling weather box modeling, mesh modeling has worked great but I have now found, do not model using Dynamic Topology. Wow, what a slow down.

Study and practice

Time for me to start looking more closely at the tools available at my fingertips when I start up Blender. While working on the Pilot character I was having trouble with the eyes as the orbital in the reference images creates an eye that would be a huge sphere which would not fit in the head. Now, watching the Introduction to Character Modeling course they make the same comment and the solution? Using the Lattice modifier, well damn I know about that. It is really time to start studying and practicing as I have said over and over again.

Time to start practicing what I preach!