Things to think about

I received a text from Aminta at Triumph about ME positions in Macomb, MI. I looked at the job at thier site and the work looks good. Problems are:

  1. I need to give three months’ notice at the apartment complex before I leave.
  2. It is in Macomb, MI 40mi north of Detroit meaning it is COLD!
  3. I don’t know much about the area, but I didn’t know much about this area before I got here.
  4. This goes along with number three, but it must be mentioned, I will need transportation to and from work and if there are no cabs then it will be a bust.

I hope this works out in every way. I will help so much. In every way I mean, location, start date and transportation. Weather, well there isn’t much I can do about that.

Start praying and wish me luck.

Angie is at it again

I have a text this morning that says she is sorry, but she needs 500.00 ASAP, something suddenly came up and don’t ask what. Well, I don’t have 500.00 extra hanging around and would not give it with no questions asked if I did. That is the kind of money I will need soon just to live. I’m quite certain she will just give the money to Andy anyway and that is not going to happen.

I forgot yesterday

I spent most of the morning trying to finish the unemployment process. I takes some time and I’m still not sure if I finished it all. I was to register and then go into my profile and finish that up. I did everything necessary, but I will go back in today and make sure I have everything updated and starts some job searches. I have to do that twice a week and renew the application every week. I will also check the actual requirements, so I don’t mess up. I have never done this before.

Two weeks

It has been two weeks since I was laid off and now, as soon and the election is over it will be time to start looking for jobs again.

I think I paid my rent yesterday but can’t really remember but I’m sure I did. I entered an amount in my spreadsheet.

I have been laid off

Yes, as of last Tuesday 8-20-2020 I no longer have a job. I’ll be taking a week or so off and then start diligently looking for a new job. Preferably around here but if I must contract out of state I will.

My nerves really started getting to me and I was extremely sick to my stomach for a few days but that has passed and I need to keep my attitude positive.

Last Day at work is tomorrow. Please pray something happens before then

Well, as of this writing, tomorrow will me my last day at work (layoff happened). It was a fun ride, but I was completely screwed by people not actually knowing what they were doing so I will not blame them.

On to new things. Savings, severance, unemployment and a withdraw from 401K should tide me over for the holidays and then due diligence in finding a new position here in Tulsa hopefully.

My boss told my last Thursday not to worry. With that in mind when I was sent an invite to a meeting with HR for an exit meeting, I declined the meeting. HR did not like that so the next day I went ahead and accepted the meeting. Keep fingers and toes crossed and pray, pray, pray.

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