That is a question I am now asking with the advent of my dad passing away. The reason that question came up is that Chris is going to email the will for all to read and she mentioned that there is substantial money involved. I don’t know what she thinks is substantial money.

Daryl Strickland passed away the night of Wednesday the 25th of January. He was a very good friend and will be sorely missed.


The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is my new phone. Much smaller than the Z Fold 3 I lost; I like it.

News Flash!! When I got home on Tuesday the 10th, I fixed a dinner and placed my new phone on the charging pad. Just a couple minutes later my phone starting ringing. At this time of the day, it is usually some sales call from Washington, and I ignore them. This time I looked at who was calling at I was shocked to see “Lost and Found” on the screen.

I was in shock. I answered the phone, and it was the Delta Airlines lost and found department in Alabama. She asked me if I had lost anything on my last trip, I said, ‘yes I did’ and described my phone to which she let me know that she had it. She asked if I had filled out a Delta Airlines lost item report and I told her that I had not and that I thought I lost the phone in the Atlanta Airport on my way to the next gate. She filled out a form for me and sent an additional email asking for shipping instructions with payment information. When I reply they will promptly send me my phone! Woo Hoo, someone actually turned in my phone.

Phone arrived, packaged very well on Tuesday the 17th of January. Now to send it in for the upgrade deal.


Yes, the title for this post is ‘Losing your phone’. I did this on the way to Seattle. While at the Atlanta airport on Saturday the 31st I was using my phone in the bathroom right when I got there. I was in a hurry and letting Carrie know I was in Atlanta and on my way to the next connection. Thinking about the best way to get to the gate and hurrying up I left my phone in the bathroom, (I think). By the time I realized it I was already halfway to the gate and did not have time to go back and look for it.

Of course, I was in a big hurry when I left my apartment getting up at 3:05am and needing to leave by 3:30am I did not notice that I had messages from my sisters from the previous evening. They were telling me that my dad had already passed away. If I had listened to these I would not have been in so much of a hurry and probably not lost my phone.

In order to purchase a new phone, I had to pay off the balance of my old VERY expensive Z-fold 3 phone then get the new phone financed. All in all, a very expensive error on my part.

Getting all my contacts and apps onto the new phone was a fairly easy process by logging into my Samsung account and letting them do their thing. I took a bit of time, but everything was good to go in a couple of hours.

First week back to work was actually great. Not that the company changed or anything but the people, as I talked about earlier were very nice when I came back. The company is horrible, the people are not.


From working at a company that literally sucks the hippieness and life out of you to a Christmas break where I was sick as hell with the flu and a cold to my dad passing away on the 30th this year was the year from hell.

It can only get better from here.

I spent the end of the year at our house in Auburn, WA with Carrie and we did have a great time. She met Tyra and Lee and then we spent the afternoon of the 5th with Chris and Greg.

After August 17th I will be able to leave here without owing them any money and just need to decide if I am going to stay longer. This place is seriously the worst place I have ever worked. The people are nice but my goodness the management and philosophy of the company are absolutely horrible. I have coined a new term for any extremely mentally unhealthy companies. The new term is “Industrial Dementor” aka the Harry Potter series. The term denotes any company that sucks the life and sole from you.


It has been a wonderful time with her here and till miss her tremendously.

I don’t know why I titled this post ‘Carrie will be leaving Thursday’ because she is leaving Tuesday morning at 7:05am.

It was very hard when I got home. I expected to see kitties but they were not there and in the Morning on Wednesday I expected to see kitties but again they were not there. They must know she is gone. But soon after I got home I started crying and do so on and off through the night. She didn’t even call me after she got home!

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