Trouble getting back on track – Everyting to do with health

I’ll start with another record. I submitted my tax return on Monday the 27th, one day earlier than last year. If the last two years is any indication I should have received my return back on Friday the 31st of January. So, the records are 1) Earliest to Submit, 2) Earliest to receive, 3) First time to receive in January. These may change because I am creating this post on Tuesday before I get my return back. I am relying on past years experience for this.

Now on to the elephant in the room. I stopped working in Blender for a bit. Why you may ask. Well, I am very sick. I caught a nasty flu bug on the way home from Seattle and missed my first two days back to work, went to work on Monday, left early and am home again on Tuesday. I’m hoping to go back on Wednesday and then may be able to include something new on this post if I have a good weekend. I won’t hold my breath though… because I cant’…

Here is a render of the latest material from the Udemy course “Creating 3D environments in Blender”

Back to work for the rest of the year – and retirement thoughts

Vacations are done and I am back to work for the rest of the year. I love these end of the year/beginning of the year vacations. It gives me a lot of memories to look back on and more adventures to look forward to. One thing to mention, I planted the seed of traveling with my sisters every year and all three of them are actually thinking about doing just that. As Diane would say, ‘That is very exciting”.

Back from Vacation and then Crud strikes

That is correct. I arrived back from my Seattle vacation on Tuesday only to fall victim to the flu on Wednesday afternoon. Missed another two days of work and pretty much the entire weekend trying to recover enough to get back on my feet. This reminded me of two years ago when I had to cancel my trip to Seattle because of the flu.

As soon as I am back on my feet and able to work more in Blender and pull all my pictures out of the video I’ll post all of those. I was able to shoot quite a bit of video and I also got to fly the Mavic Mini as well.

Back to catching up on work emails….. I’m leaving early…..

Blender 2.8x – What an awesome update

I have not used Blender much while they have been updating from 2.79 to 2.8 and wow am I impressed.

Here is the new interface:

Blender 2.81a main screen

There are new tool icons, the ‘T’ key layout is completly different with just icons, the ‘N’ key panel has close to the same functionality. There are no layers anymore but collections making good sense and there are two new renderers, Eevee and workbench eevee, much like cycles is for your final renders as well as real time rendering in the viewport and workbench is for the viewport while modeling. Both are great additions.

My first course for Unity this year is “Creating 3D Environments”. I have had this course on my wish list for some time because it was quite expensive, about 150.00. It went on sale for the new year for 19.99. I jumped at the chance. The course was also recently upgraded for Blender 2.81. The first part of the course focused on the new interface and the basics of modeling. I have not forgotten much of that. Then there was an introduction to the Eevee render engine. At the end I added my own touches to the render. I added my own envronment texture, a 360 photo taken with the GroPro Max at my office downtown Tulsa, OK. I also added a different color to the plane the dice are sitting on with a little bit of reflections of the environment. I think Eevee is awesome. I took less than 10 seconds to render this out. The last time I made a render similar to this, a few batteries quite a few years back, the render took over 30 minutes to complete.

Final Render and First with Eevee

Insta360 has announced a new 360 camera. The Insta360 One R. I am hoping it will be out for sale on Tuesday. If it is I will snap it up on the way home. It is what they call an adaptive camera with the ability to convert from a 4K action camera with a front or rear facing screen depending on how ‘you’ set it up and then with a few quick changes it becomes a 5.6K 360 camera. This camera along with the GoPro Max may become my go to cameras always with me.

More textures coming up in the next chapters of this course.

Back from Vacation and Back to the Beginning

Yes, I am finally back from vacation and as I said before I will be going back to the beginning on this website. To its roots, Blender. Other topics started to pop up a few years ago and I got seriously distracted and off target.

I won’t be scaling back my interests, those will remain because some of them are part of my past. Chess will be a topic as will photography. My new interests cooking and Drones will also be present as well. All of these topics will be taking up their own spaces within this site they will not be taking up space on the main page.

Adding the new sections of the site will take a little bit of time, I’ll have to tweak WordPress to do this and I’m not all that familiar but it should not be too difficult.

In the mean time Blender posts will take front and center with food items coming up section which will also include photography (I’ll be taking pictures of the food) followed by drone news and Chess. After about a month the items other than Blender will be taking residence on their own spaces.

Enjoy the ride, I will be.

Vacation Starts – To…..morrow

That is correct, my vacation will be starting tomorrow. I am however going in to work this morning for about 8 hours to make sure everything is ok and up to date.

Weekend cooking included some Jack Burgers and boi were they great!

Monterey Jack Burgers

Not sure how much I will post the rest of the year but will try


Back to the Blender page as it was supposed to be starting in January.

Almost there…..

One more weekend until I get to start my Christmas vacation. I will go in briefly Monday the 16th for about 8 hours making sure everything is up to date and all is well for me to take off and poof I will be gone.

This weekend I did not ride the Lectic bike, I neglected to charge the batteries and also forgot I have extra. Frankly I remembered about the extra batteries as I wrote this. What a dumb ass.

My Hello Fresh meal this weekend consisted of Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi and yes it was great.

Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi
Dreamy Creamy Mushroom Cavatappi

Thanksgiving was a bust….

I had agreed to spend Thanksgiving with Sam and his family this year. His cousin opens his restaurant every year and gives all customers free Thanksgiving dinners. I’m not sure what exactly happened but there was no customers in the building when we arrived.

We were seated in a corner booth and served one very small serving each of ‘shredded’ turkey, stuffing mashed potatoes and gravy. This was served on paper plates and water to drink. Sam’s and his son barely touched their plates and they asked for a take home box. Sam’s wife did not touch a think on her plate and said she was full and asked for a take home box. I, out of the four of us is the only one who finished their plate.

It was entirely uncomfortable and I will not be doing that next year if asked.

Bummer, pretty much put a damper on the entire weekend.

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