Getting sick all the time

For some reason I’m feeling sick all the time and I’m not sure why. I’m dizzy, my stomach feels nauseas etc.. Maybe I need to just relax when I get home, clean the bedroom because I have let that go. I took off the sheets, washed them and never put them on the bed. Then I was just very lazy and have not made the bed yet.

I opened my spaceship corridor in Blender 3.0 and tried a render using Eevee. I was not surprised that it did not work. The panel lights, overhead and low-level light worked but there was no light to see any walls or details.

Update Blender, start python again

Updating Blender to open in Blender 3.0 was extremely easy. Just open it up. Apparently, I did not have any version specific items in my spaceship corridor file. Now it is on to converting the textures and materials.

I completed a render last week that shows some differences that need to be addressed. I had a glow around some of the lights down the corridor and lights on the door at the end. After the render, the glow is gone, and the green controller lights seem to be gone. Time for some more modelling.

I started Mosh’s Complete Python course and am getting used to the extensions needed within VS Code. Some of which I already had and others I did not have.

Additionally, I am trying to schedule the publishing of the posts when I think of it, usually Monday evening or sometime during the week prior to posting.

Finished the first week of the year

The commitment is being kept. You heard that correctly. During this week I have been updating my Blender to 3.0 (I also updated to the current LTS version). Next is looking at pulling in my space ship corridor project I did with Andrew’s tutorial to the latest Blender. After that I need to see what I need to do to update materials and textures to work in eeve, get a render of that to post and place on my desk top. That will accelerate the desire to complete this first project.

I also started a new Python course on ‘Code with Mosh’. Like I said last week I already pay an annual fee for his all of his courses and I get them for 25%. Not a 25% discount but 25% what everyone else pays. I think I’m grandfathered in with that price. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it and finish all of his courses. Not all of them this year but a good percentage.

First four-day weekend of the new year with a new focus

Yes, this is the first four-day weekend of the year and my focus this year at home will be number one, Carrie. then the rest of the focus will be back on Blender and additionally, Unity 3D. Working together and I may throw a bit of Unreal in there as well.

The first thing I want to do I decide on a project. Marvin at work I think has given me that first project. I will be converting my spacecraft corridor for using with Blender 3.0 and Evee. That will be the first part of converting that background image into an animated screen saver.

That was the first step. The second step will be investigating how to convert the model. Most items will convert simply fine except for the materials and textures.

Additionally I think I will be hitting Code with Mosh hard this year as well. I’m paying for an annual membership for his courses and I think he is an outstanding teacher so I shall take advantage of that.

Nice Four day weekend

Nice surprise last week when I was making sure that we worked on Friday the 31st of December. I was surprised when Justin told me we are not working on Friday as well as Monday.

Funny thing is when I stayed away from work on Monday the 27th of December I actually thought I was supposed to be at work.

Two four day weekends in a row how awesome is that?

Great Weekend and now Carrie wants to come out alone

This last weekend was fantastic. I finished fixing the last little things I don’t like about this apartment (they are small). I also received my first box from Bespoke Post and everything is pretty cool. I know that sounded a little juvenile but it’s the truth.

Second item, Carrie decided she wants to come out without Debbie. This is great but I’m not sure she can do it. Let me put that another way. I know she could not do it with the flights set up they way they were. We’ll take a better look at the flight times etc. and work it out. The best part is Daryl will have a car we can use during that time without having to rent one. I’ll pay him a small fee and we can avoid the huge rental car payment and he will get some of his 500.00 he paid back. Win win for everyone.

Then there is this, Carrie is going out to lunch with another guy today. I hope she doesn’t think I’m upset, since he is someone I know and don’t care for, which is not exactly true. He doesn’t care for me for reasons I’m not completely sure about. I’m not upset about it I like the fact she is getting out a little bit more. Now, if he tries to take this farther than it should I might say something. I quite sure I would not have to say anything because this has already happened with someone she used to work with and just recently went to lunch with. He took things completely the wrong way and kept pushing her to have a relationship and she had to put her foot down and tell him to stop; which I think he has.

She is a little worried this guy might do the same thing because she believes he liked her when they were working together before. I’ll see what happened during lunch when I call her tonight. She wanted me to call here last night but I did not realize it until I woke up this morning.

Carrie is no longer flying out

This is not something I was not expecting. Her panic attacks have been getting more frequent and at times worse. I was worried she would have a panic attack on the plane which would not be a good place for one. I was also not a fan of her traveling at night because of the propensity of people to drink at the airport at later times and that could turn into annoying flyers that could panic her even worse in a small aluminum tube 35000 feet in the air.

We decided she would 1) fly out with me when I come out in January or 2) fly out with her sister and then back with her or, 3) a combination of both.

Not sure what will happen with the tickets I already purchased but it doesn’t matter. The tickets are paid for and the money is gone so not anything I’m concerned about.

New site covering miscellaneous activities including my favorite activity: Blender